How to Log In

1. You must have your Open Authenticated Email Address added to the list of approved users for each of the sites which require secure login.

2.  To have your email address added to the list of approved users, email Rusty at and provide the email address which has Open Authentication.

3.  Browse to

4.  You will see a page similar to what is below.  Click on the appropriate team hyperlink.

5.  Once you have clicked on the appropriate link you will see a page similar to what is below.

6.  Click on the link that says "Sign in with another account."

7.  Another box will appear giving you the opportunity to input your email address.

8. Input your email address in this box and press the go button beside it.

9.  After pressing go the following screen will appear.

10. Input the password for the email address you used in the username in the password box.

11.  Press sign in and you will be allowed into the website.